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Joe D’Urso (February 28, 1984)01:52:50

Eric Chavkin introduces Joe D’Urso. As an interior designer with a practice based in New York, D’Urso recently opened an office in Los Angeles where he pursues projects in Southern California. His work is described as minimalist, industrial, and postmodern.

Joe D’Urso discusses the constraints of working with low budgets. He emphazises the strategic choice of materials, and documents the process of renovation, using both houses and apartments as examples. He discusses his approach to the design of retail spaces, stressing his interest in reconfigurable spaces. As part of the series of retail projects, he documents his use abstract and minimal visual vocabulary for a clothing store.

D’Urso discusses one of his international projects, the I Club in Hong Kong. He documents the social and economic setting for the project, commenting that the club was built in a setting where work and money are prioritized over leisure. He describes the process of working with an existing building, and explains the design, deployment of furnishings and materials for the club.

D’Urso answers a series of questions related to the design constraints faced by interior designers.

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