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Richard Rogers (1977)01:01:49

This event did not take place at SCI-Arc.

Richard Rogers discusses his attempts to work toward growth and change, process, performance, participation, and teamwork. He discusses his interest in optimizing individual modular elements within his architecture. He sees the performance of his designs as linked to the open-endedness of a framework in which activities occur. Rogers views architecture as a problem solving exercise and teamwork as critical to addressing these problems.

Rogers discusses a residential project based on flexibility and change that would include modular units with individualization that would fix together in different orientation and organizations. He explains his interest in looking to other industries outside of building, the auto industry for example, for architectural elements. This often includes windows, doors and paneling. He moves on to discuss a building in Italy designed with Renzo Piano for a furniture company which contained a service area between two volumes that also served to aid in passive cooling of the internal spaces. He then transitions to speak about his offices with Piano in Genoa and details the kit of parts makeup of the building.

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