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Odile Decq: Hypertension (March 2, 1996)01:16:35

Michael Rotondi introduces Odile Decq, noting that Decq studied urbanism and architecture while her partner Benoit Cornette studied medicine. Their Paris-based office has completed numerous finance, government, transportation, and housing projects, which all demonstrate an awareness of human, physiological reactions to space.

Odile Decq maintains that she’s interested in flexible buildings that evolve over time, arguing that programs have become increasingly complex to respond to new complexities in life. She reflects on the ambiguities involved in the perception of space.

Odile Decq presents a series of completed projects and speculative work, including a conceptual model of a social housing project in Paris, a series of models for the headquarters for Apple, Inc. in Paris, and drawings for a competition for a bank in the south of France.

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