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Peter Fend (October 26, 1994)01:50:24

Robert Mangurian introduces Peter Fend. Fend points out the large collages of maps, videos, books, drawings and other media he will be using to discuss his Ocean Earth Development Corporation. After mentioning Joseph Beuys as a model of his art and ecological activist activities, Fend cites Leon Battista Alberti on the importance of the city, Antonio Sant'Elia and Tommaso Marinetti on the use of the ocean as an energy source, and Vincent Scully's argument that the modern nation-state of France derived from architectural forms of the garden and fortress. Fend begins with an image of Robert Smithson's "Spiral Jetty," and proposes that not only is it possible to create structures out of manipulating the landscape, but that art should invent ways to repair damaged environments. At the same time, Fend acknowledges throughout his talk that powerful political, economic and technological interests actively oppose his ideas, and work to silence him. Fend discusses his analysis of the Persian Gulf. He argues that water not oil will ultimately be the big issue in the Middle East. He discusses one of his systems for generating energy through gigantic oceanic forests of algae. Fend shows satellite images of Haiti, discusses a radical renovation of Duisberg, and shows more projects for returning desserts to "pre-Neolithic conditions." Fend discusses his proposed intervention into the Three Gorges Dam, and a project in Montenegro. Fend reviews earlier work with tensile structures and cantilevered systems.

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