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Spheres Of Influence01:01

For the third Mextropoli Festival, SCI-Arc Faculty members Curime Batliner and Jake Newsum were the minds behind “Spheres of Influence,” a temporary installation sponsored by SCI-Arc and supported by Staubli, installed in the patio of Laboratorio Arte Alameda. Centrally located in Mexico City, the four-day festival brought architects, designers, urbanists, sociologists, artists and citizens together to interpret public space through art, design, and dialogue.

Between installation and live performance, “Spheres of Influence” employs a robotic system for layering grids of information, abstracted from the city, on a series of human size spheres. Serving as piece of infrastructure to control and entertain the flow of users between the park and the museum throughout day, at night it projects the city back onto its historic context amplifying the cultural and urban significance of the site

Design and Production: Curime Batliner & Jake Newsum
Sponsors: Southern California Institute of Architecture with the support from Staubli

Editing: Curime Batliner / A Throbbing Member - Between Two Minutes / PessoaZ - System Failure