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Stan Allen (February 24, 1999)01:42:47

After an introduction by Michael Speaks, Stan Allen discusses the driving concepts behind his recent publication Points and Lines. These points and lines together describe systems and networks that contain intermediate zones and interstitial spaces that are just as important as the network itself. He presents field conditions, infrastructural urbanism, and contextual tactics as the three major issues in his work. He is also interested in the language of detailing and construction that is self evident. He is interested in a tactical notion of the field as exemplified by post-minimalist art, as opposed to the serial repetition of minimalist art. He discusses his National Diet Library in Kansai, the Logistical Activity Zone for the port of Barcelona, an extension of the Museo del Prado in Madrid, renovation and addition to a house by Marcel Breuer and other houses.

Allen’s interest lies in a tactical notion of the field as seen in examples of modern art. Infrastructural urbanism is a way of dealing with all of the networks and systems that enable a building to exist rather than simply looking at the building itself. Contextual tactics also try to go beyond montages and collages, looking for more interesting and sophisticated ways to create difference within the new field of the modern city.

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