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Toxic Earth / Antoine Predock (September 24, 1984)01:42:42

This video contains two different events: first, a documentary, then a lecture by Antoine Predock at the 18:47 mark.

First, an 18-minute 1984 documentary "Toxic Earth: the need to unite," from the OSHA/Environmental Network, advocating collaboration between labor unions and environmentalists.

At 18:47: After an introduction by Shelly Kappe. Antoine Predock discusses the big landscapes of the Southwestern U.S. and how these have inspired and informed his work. He describes rituals of place and site regarding the New Mexico high plateau and high alpine architecture, the Rio Grande Valley, and American Wild West strip architecture. Predock goes on to present projects in Arizona and New Mexico where a detailed site analysis leads to architecture that deals with the landscape, geology, relationship with the sun and the colors and materials of the land.

Predock presents projects in the high alpine landscapes of New Mexico. He discusses how his work responds to the site and place and how he has always been prone to create architecture from landscape.

Predock presents projects that are examples of his strip architecture work in New Mexico. Predockdescribes the project for a bank, a blood donor foundation building and a project for multiple apartment units inspired by neon motel architecture on Route 66 in Albuquerque.

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