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Alexandra Leykauf: Photography and the interior (February 6, 2019)01:17:39

David Ruy introduces Alexandra Leykauf as an artist whose work with photography engages viewers to rethink how they look at photographic images.

Leykauf discusses how her fascination with the experience of images as mental phenomena, without dimensions or materiality, has led her away from conventional presentations of photography towards transgressing the surface, and attempting “to build up a conflict between the image space and the actual space”.

She discusses a range of her work, including:

•A 2010 installation in Wiels, Brussels including a photograph of a Felix Gonzales-Torres work, and a 16mm film “Falten / Folding”
•Another 2010 installation, in the Salle Noire, underneath the Musée d'art Moderne, of photographic prints and a slide show, which became the book "Chateau de Bagatelle"
•The 2009 installation “Cache/Cadre” in the Sassa Trülzsch gallery
•A 2011 series of free-standing photo-sculptures that fold an entire interior around a vitrine
•“Heart of Chambers,” (2012) at the Sassa Trülzsch gallery
•“Entre deux,” (2013) at the Musée régional d'art contemporain Languedoc-Roussillon, Sérignan
•A 2013 photo-sculpture of a book as volume with missing spine, responding to the slat “ondulatoires” of the Carpenter Center
•A 2012 found photograph of Turkish tent interior, printed on aluminum, folded into freestanding enclosure
•A series of 2014 works highlighting oriental carpets found in photographs of 19th century interiors with color
•“Kerman” (2012), a 35mm film of a slowly rotating carpet
•A series of photographs featuring a Tweet, viewed on a phone, on a reproduction of a painting, printed the size of the original painting
•“12 Landscapes – Dessauer Strasse” (2016) a film of the artist watching phone videos of landscape paintings
•A series of “Cliché verre” videos and installations
•“Aerial” (2017/2018) exploring printed representations of aerial views of the Essex landscape that reveal structures hidden underground

Leykauf concludes with her latest work, creating photograms on velvet tinted with cyanotype solution.

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