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Joe Day: Blow X Blow exhibition discussion (November 6, 2009)59:53

Eric Owen Moss begins the discussion by proposing a summary of Joe Day’s intentions, and wondering how else he might have realized them. They discuss the title “Blow X Blow” in terms of linguistics and narrative. Day states his interest in reprogramming the space by combining form and new new media art. Day defends the right of people to project their meanings upon the installation, and his freedom to develop a formal logic without any function. This leads to a discussion of the built form of the installation, contrasted with the projected imagery. Moss questions Day on his choice of material, and the two discuss the role of color in the space. Day relates the controlling of a point of view in a cinema to that of a museum and prison, as illustrated by the diagrammatic work displayed on the walls, “Collections and Corrections.” This leads to a discussion of Jean-Paul Sartre’s argument that only prisoners enjoy the ultimate freedom from all responsibilities. They conclude by addressing the idea of scripting, both as a cinematographic tactic and a design tool utilized in the organization of “Blow X Blow.”

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