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Robert Marquis (1977) Part 1 of 201:04:59

Please note: The image in this clip is pixilated and unsteady for the first 20 minutes.

Robert Marquis describes his architectural background, which includes working in the office of John Lautner. Marquis discusses the work of his firm, Marquis & Stoller. He states, “architecture is a social art. An art form that services society.” He shows photographs of residential, commercial and public buildings. This includes the Commerce Clearinghouse, a commercial project north of San Francisco with a sliding skylight, a courtyard, and a water sculpture. He highlights the St. Francis Square co-op housing project in San Francisco, an eight acre residential project which Marquis considers “very successful.” He explains why, largely through the social science research conducted by Clare Cooper Marcus, professor at the University of California, Berkeley. He also shows university buildings his firm completed, and current projects.

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