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Fred Koetter (March 26, 1980)01:33:25

Fred Koetter discusses convention and invention in architecture. Koetter defines invention as a function of interpretation and goes on to state his interest in the reinterpretation of commonplace architectural conventions such as windows, stairs, doors, etc, into inventive spatial solutions.

Koetter presents historic and classical references of conventional architectural expressions, such as windows, stairs and walls, and their reinterpretations into inventive solutions. Koetter discusses how these spare parts are reassembled to define alternative hierarchies and a certain ambiguity in the overall architectural expression.

Koetter presents his work, including a housing development in Kingston, New York, a competition for a Minnesota State House and a housing masterplan development in San Juan. Koetter discusses his practice’s interest in the reinterpretation of fundamental elements like arches, windows and portals to define divisions, connections and apparently ‘interminable’ buildings.

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