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Duel + Duet: Ellie Abrons and Mira Henry (September 23, 2016)01:22:13

Ellie Abrons and Mira Henry discuss work produced in a 2016 exhibition exchange between the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA) and SCI-Arc, in which Abrons exhibited Inside Things in the Library Gallery at SCI-Arc, and Henry exhibited The View Inside Things at UMMA.

Henry discusses her exhibition in terms of her interest in architectural elements—fireplace, roof eaves, interior corner, table—leading to a room flattened against a wall, pointing out the connections with her long-standing interest in drapery, scenic wallpaper, and color.

Abrons discusses Inside Things in terms of forms that derive from familiar things but remain elusive, setting into play contrasts of inside and outside. Abrons surveys recent work employing photogrammetry, and describes the Detroit Reassembly Plant project for the 2016 Venice Biennale.

Abrons and Henry conclude with a discussion of five ideas that are significant in their work: Image, Materiality, Figures, Color, and Representation.

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