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Momoyo Kajima of Atelier Bow-Wow (February 16, 2005)01:01:30

Russell Thomsen introduces Momoya Kajima of Atelier Bow-Wow.

Kajima describes the “Post Bubble City” project on Tokyo. Working with simple tools for documentation, the intention of the research is analyze existing buildings and urban conditions. Kajima also presents the result of the research: a guidebook to be used by the people of Tokyo.

Kajima presents a series of residential projects completed by Atelier Bow-Wow. The first is the Gae House for one couple. She then documents the Kus House, in which the first floor has no specific function, while other levels are densely planned. Kajima also presents the Izu House: a negotiation of dramatic topography. Finally, she shows a project situated in a forest grove called the Black Dog House.

Kajima presents a series of artworks produced by Atelier Bow-Wow. The first is a small rest space constructed from bookshelves and situated within a larger exhibition space. Next, she documents the project “Furnicycle,” a combination of furniture and bicycle that came out of a study of urban transportation in Shanghai. A mobile restaurant referred to as “White Limousine Yatai” is next shown. Finally, Kajima presents “House of Weeds,” an interrogation of the tensions between interior exterior conditions in a residential setting.

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