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Jimenez Lai: BS (November 11, 2012)49:33

Jimenez Lai begins by announcing his five most important issues: 1. the Cartoonishly fluid, 2. Ambiguous pareiodlia, 3. Sloppy parametricism, 4. Tumbling projections, and 5. Super-furniture. Lai presents an excerpt from his graphic novel Noah’s Ark in Space as an introduction to his 2008 Phalanstery Module installation at Materials & Applications. This leads to a discussion of the 2011 White Elephant installation. Lai presents part of his graphic novel Babel as an introduction to his 2010 Briefcase House. He concludes a discussion of criticism with an excerpt from his graphic novel On Types of Seductive Robustness. He apologizes for the cover of his recent book Citizens of No Place, offering to add a new cover by hand for anyone who mails him their copy. Lai discusses the Venturi duck to frame a discussion of Hefner/Beuys House, his 2012 installation/performance at the Architectural Foundation in London. He concludes with a presentation of his graphic novel Sociopaths.

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