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Doug Michels: The Future Idea (February 1, 1984)01:54:24

Doug Michels presents a video about the 1983 project “Hollywood Zoo – Theme park of the Eighties,” which depicts images of zoo animals and architectural models populated by miniature figures of people and wild animals. He goes on to present the 1974 “Cadillac Ranch” project where a series of Cadillac cars are arranged in the desert to represent the rise and fall of the Cadillac tail fin.

Michels presents the video of Ant Farm’s 1975 performance “Media Burn.” In this performance, the artists drive an altered Cadillac through a pyramid of burning TV sets, in order to alleviate the frustration of watching TV. The film shows responses from local media and the coverage of the event as well as a more detailed artist documentation of the full performance, from the enactment of a JFK speech by Doug Michels to the design of the altered Cadillac and the entrance of the artists.

Michels presents some real and speculative projects from Ant Farm, such as a tele-transportation unit, the ironic House of the Century from 1972 and the 1976 Dolphin Embassy communication station project.

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