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Video chronologies panel discussion (October 19, 1996)01:52:34

The Lannan Foundation in collaboration with Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions hosts a panel discussion on video art at SCI-Arc.

Art Historian and USC professor David James discusses video art. James discusses the material nature of video. He explains its development out of the underground/independent film movement, which later was split between the aesthetic components of structural film and the political contents of a sub-cultures during the 1960s. James discusses the implications of video art within the museum and the links between the museum and corporate capital.

Art historian Amelia Jones discusses the chronology of video art and the role of video as an extension of cybernetics, film, television, photography, and art. She also emphasizes her interest in the extension of video in performance and body art. She presents a couple of video clips including “Waterways for Saliva Studies” by Vito Acconci.

Producer and curator Carol Ann Klonarides discusses video art and her personal introduction to video art through groups like the Raindance Foundation and Guerilla TV. Klonarides discusses its accessibility and differentiates it from underground/independent film. Klonarides discusses the rise of video out of the alternative art and technology movement. She also lists a number of pioneering books written about video art, most of which are out of print.

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