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Mark Pauline: Survival Research Laboratories (October 26, 1988)55:30

Mark Pauline begins by showing a short film entitled A Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief. The video features various dead animals including skeletons and wall panels made from vacuum formed carcasses. Large machines interact with the animal parts, mostly grinding, burning, and ripping them to pieces. Following the screening Mark talks about the difficulties in dealing with Hollywood and getting funding for projects.

Pauline talks about how to deal with what he sees as the enemy, and refers to the media as the devil. He prefers living and working in San Francisco instead of New York or Los Angeles because no one there bothers him with ideas on how to market what he does. Pauline refers to the worst thing out there being like a big silk glove that subtly controls what people do and stifles creativity.

Pauline shows a news report from their New York performance entitled Misfortunes of Desire Acted Out in an Imaginary Location Symbolizing Everything Worth Having. A main component of that show was a moment at which large machines broke open boxes filled with millions of dollars in counterfeit money that flew into the crowd and ended up being circulated throughout the city. Mark also mentions that the group was invited to appear in Japan where he says it might be fun to perform in a place with such strong rules and regulations.

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