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Cynthia Davidson: Image & word: a critical context (October 15, 2013)54:37

After noting that editors usually let their publications do their speaking, Cynthia Davidson discusses Inland Architect, which she edited from 1983, as an attempt to engage the discussion on postmodernism and deconstructivism, while retaining a regional focus. She recounts how the annual Any conferences led to the launch of Any magazine in 1993. The goal was an activating, not reacting magazine, with provocative themed issues. Despite not wanting to be involved with another magazine, Davidson describes how the debacle over the World Trade Center competition led her to launch Log in 2003. Where Any was activist, Log was intended to observe. The bare-bones design by Michael Beruit, and paucity of images are a deliberate attempt to resist the seductive power of images. She concludes by arguing that her magazines are not two-dimensional, but vividly 3D platforms for discussion.

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