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Sam Jacob (September 5, 2002)57:11

Michael Speaks introduces Sam Jacob, and the work of his firm Fat (Fashion Architecture Taste).

Sam Jacob discusses exploring the limits of the discipline of architecture with his office, Fat. He argues for looking outside of the field of architecture to engage with a wider array of cultures. He begins this search by referencing the work of media commentator Marshall McLuhan. The first series of projects presented by Jacob treat architecture as media, or pure message. One of these projects deploys neon lights into a three-dimensional model of a traditional dwelling.

Sam Jacob presents a series of projects that engage with a sense of place. Jacob discusses an exhibition in Ljubljana, which combines images of different geographies around the globe to communicate a sense of global flows of information. He proposes a new consideration of modernism, arguing that it was defined by radio communication, not industrialization. Jacob presents a proposal for a pedestrian bridge, and a relocation of an existing park to a new geographic location.

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