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Dora Epstein Jones: Stacked (March 23, 2012)01:02:17

John Enright introduces Dora Epstein.

Epstein Jones begins by discussing the agility of the architecture discipline as a whole, then focusing on geometric and tectonic relationships. She argues that stacking is visible everywhere in contemporary design and architecture. She explores multiple meanings of stacking, and concludes with two relevant related videos: Hiroyuki Suzuki performing to Lady Gaga’s “Born this way” at a 2011 yoyo championship, and a young girl celebrating after accomplishing a competitive cup stacking challenge.

Todd Gannon joins Epstein Jones. Epstein Jones argues that stacking signals a transitional period in which the truth of materials and tectonics is being challenged. Gannon cites Greg Lynn's blob wall. Their conversation covers part-to-whole relationships, composites, gluing, and materiality.

Epstein Jones and Gannon respond to audience comments about order, entropy, hierarchy, and progressiveness.

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