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Geoffrey Baker: Le Corbusier’s 1950s: the Jaoul houses (March 20, 1987)01:02:32

Geoffrey Baker begins referencing his earlier discussion of Le Corbusier's Chapel at Ronchamp and La Tourette. He continues that discussion with an overview Corbusier's work of the 1950's, illustrated by early conceptual and more developed technical drawings.

Baker discusses Corbusier's Jaoul houses in the Paris suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine, reviewing the site, formal strategies and structural systems in relation to Corbusier's more complex works. He presents a post-occupancy study highlighting issues involving insulation and glazing.

Baker concludes his lecture with a discussion of Le Corbusier's work after completing the Jaoul houses. He argues for the consideration of the boldness and sculptural richness in Corbusier's work in this period of his career.

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