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All school meeting (September 29, 1975)02:23:35

At 1:33, Ray Kappe asks students and faculty assembled in the Main Space to identify specific goals for SCI-Arc. “What would you want to the school to be?” Bill Simonian writes the goals on a chalkboard as people mention them.

The main goals are:
•Become accredited
•Be a creative community
•Change over time
•Educate designers, architects
•Teach problem solving
•Be responsive to the individual at all levels
•Teach technical proficiency
•Maintain an experimental orientation
•Respond to changes in the field of architecture
•Bridge academic and professional worlds
•Offer practical training (internships)
•Maintain curricular flexibility
•Be aware of current issues
•Be aware of social responsibilies

At 13:48, Kappe asks, “How is SCI-Arc different from other schools? How should it be different?”

Responses include …
•Lack of bureaucracy
•Flexibility in curriculum and programs
•Group decision making
•Minimizing differences between students and faculty
•Individualized evaluations
•Cooperative maintenance of the physical plant
•Respect for each other
•Educating for people who are creating new roles
•Design sensitivity

Several items are suggested as new priorities:
•Upgrading the physical plant
•Work/Study program
•Internships (One speaker discusses the start of the AIA Internship program)
•Providing education for the public
•Expanding into other disciplines (planning, fine arts)

At 27:26, Kappe leads a discussion of each of these points. The goal is to clarify SCI-Arc current performance, and to identify ways to improve it.

At 1:40:05, the general meeting ends, followed immediately by a smaller group meeting to develop an educational development plan.

After a break, the meeting continues at 2:09:07.

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