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Eric Owen Moss: Selected thesis exhibition 2013 (September 20, 2013)11:48

Eric Owen Moss congratulates the students whose work was selected for the exhibition, noting that many other projects produced as part of the 2013 thesis might have been included.

The exhibit includes work by 2013 Gehry Prize winner Stefano Passeri (M. Arch 2), and Elias Arkin, Emily Chen Choi, Laura Kwak, Jonathan H. Schnure (M.Arch 1); Yi-Chen Lee, Yong Ha Kim, Mackenzie Elaine Murphy, Joseph Francis Ramiro, Marie-Sophie Starlinger (M.Arch 2).

Moss notes that the thesis program has been evolving at SCI-Arc for the last eight years, and proposes that the work reflects not only the effort of the student, but the cumulative impact of the faculty, the curriculum and the SCI-Arc environment.

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