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Accreditation meeting / Roland Coate Jr. / Stephen Albert (1975)02:03:24

This video is not a lecture, but documents several different SCI-Arc events circa 1975.

1. The first part consists of meetings between students and faculty on how the students might organize to participate more effectively in the school, featuring Jerry Compton and Bill Simonian. At another meeting Ray Kappe solicits comments and ideas for the Educational Development Plan that is being drafted for the National Architectural Accreditation Board as a preliminary to their visit (NAAB visited SCI-Arc November 19-21, 1975, and submitted their favorable report December 1).

2. At 54:13 is part of a lecture by Roland Coate, Jr., perhaps from February 5, 1975 (which is available starting at )

3. At 1:04:19 Stephen Albert assists Ray Kappe’s students in evaluating and interpreting the information they have gathered about a small arts college needing a new campus.

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