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A Queer Query - Part 4: Feeling Ourselves (December 5, 2020)01:23:31

David Eskenazi begins by introducing the panelists of the session “Feeling Ourselves.”

At 3:47, Richard Mapes presents “Perfect Boyfriend Builder” a video exploration of portraiture and interior staging.

At 23:00, the panelists respond.

At 29:25, Enrique Agudo discusses fusing technological systems and mythologies as an introduction to a collaboration with the dancer b.gosse. At 45:07, Agudo discusses the work with the other panelists.

At 59:44 Indigo/Marlin Meikle performs an excerpt from “Immortal men” (2013) on Japanese Sokushinbutsu Buddhist ascetics, followed by discussion at 1:04:40.

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