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V. Mitch McEwen : Uses of the normal: the normal as power (October 16, 2019)50:44

V. Mitch McEwen begins by thanking Hernán Díaz Alonso for his introduction, clarifying that the title of her talk doesn’t refer to Georges Canguilhem but Audre Lorde—specifically her essay, “Uses of the erotic : the erotic as power." McEwen identifies a range of issues that her practice engages “speculating while Black,” including a critical engagement with the normal, focus on the event, bodies, material and robotics. She cites Fred Moten’s essay “The Touring Machine: Flesh thought inside out” from “Plastic Materialities” (2015).

McEwen discusses a range of design, teaching, writing, and other activities, including:
• Black Box (2018- ), a research group at the Embodied Computation Lab for the School of Architecture at Princeton
• Superfront (2008- ) architectural exhibition and event space
• “Profound modernity” (2017) essay in e-flux journal
• Jefferson Chalmers Neighborhood Framework Plan (2019)
• "House Opera" (2015) conversion of house to stage
• Kitchen remodel in her own house
• "Methexis" (2016) installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit
• "Love Square" (2017)
• “This is what we will build when we get our reparations” (2016) workshop in Pittsburgh
• “Promised air” for the U.S. Pavilion, 2016 Venice Biennale
• ”Glitter Disaster” (2016) for the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial
• “Black Site” installation (2011)
• “Post-Speculation, Act 1” (2014) a collaboration with HOWDOYOUSAYYAMINAFRICAN? at Gallery P!
• Bamboo studies exploring both its structural properties and its evocation of an alternative history
• A wearable table
• "Hot Grandma Chair" (2018)

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