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Kyong Park : Imagining Eurasia: visualizing a continental history (August 12, 2019)01:20:39

Kavior Moon identifies this Kappe Library talk as an event organized by the Korean-American arts organization Gyopo (“diasporia”), and introduces Kyong Park as an artist “in which the processes of research and art-making are conjoined”.

Kyong Park begins by showing a video about his series of exhibits at the Asian Culture Center in Gwangju, South Korea, consisting of
•“Here, There and Everywhere: Eurasian Cities” (2015)
•“From, To and In Between: A Theater of Networks” (2016)
•“Mine, Yours and Ours: Border, Territory and Unions” (2017)

The entire project is documented in a book, Imagining Eurasia : Visualizing a Continental History (L Nour Editions, 2019), which has just been published.

Park discusses the research behind each of the exhibits, and how the exhibition design was crafted. The exhibits employed photographs, videos, graphics, animations, and texts to communicate the significance of cities, networks, and territories within urban, regional, and continental geopolitics, and the new relationship between East and West.

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