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The Next L. A.: Deborah Murphy & Antonio Villaraigosa (February 10 1994) Part 6 of 1101:36:19

This video documents the National AIA Regional Urban Design Conference “Restructuring Urbanisms: the Next L.A.,” held February 10-13, 1994, at Shutters Hotel, Santa Monica.

The panelists debate the proposed Los Angeles Metro rail system. Deborah Murphy talks about bringing together Los Angeles neighborhoods through mass transit. Judy Wilson describes L. A.’s existing Metro Red Line and the difficulty of insterting a rail system into an urban environment. Marty Wachs describes the role of the public transit system for the 21st century, stressing the importance of concentrating on the needs of the specific user demographics. Kate Diamond criticizes the Metro Rail proposal, warning that it risks isolating communities, and making cross-town travel even worse. She suggests that the plans should be rethought. Antonio Villaraigosa responds that the problem is not with the plan, but with its implementation. He maintains that under his leadership, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Board is creating the greenest, cleanest public transportation system in the world.

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