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The Next L. A.: Peter Morrison (February 10, 1994) Part 2 Of 1158:48

This video documents the National AIA Regional Urban Design Conference “Restructuring Urbanisms: the Next L.A.,” held February 10-13, 1994, at Shutters Hotel, Santa Monica.

After being introduced by Brian Doughtey, Peter Morrison talks about the different paths Angelenos take when moving to the city. He describes the city’s horizontal pattern at being an extension of the American Dream, and that evolving demograpic patterns percolated these patterns around the region. Morrison outlines some statistical data on the changing face and image of Los Angeles.

Peter Morrison describes the ethnic diversity of Los Angeles and contrasts it with other American, and world urban conditions. He argues that Los Angeles has been eliminating emissions and effectively dealing with pollution. Morrison outlines job market projections and the region’s workforce.

Peter Morrison ends with a short question and answer session. Morrison describes the polycentric nature of the Greater Los Angeles region. He also talks about how the Latino communities will change the image of Los Angeles in the coming decades.

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