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Kim Colin of Industrial Facility (July 31, 2018)28:24

Kim Colin discusses projects with Sam Hecht at Industrial Facility, including the Branca chair, Radice stools and the Trono stackable chair for Mattiazzi, the Busby LED lamp with USB sockets for Wästberg, a cylindrical coffee maker for Muji, the recycled aluminum Run picnic table and bench for Emeco, the “Amazin Apartment” installation for the Design Museum, curation and design of the “Beauty as unfinished business” exhibition for the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne (2015), the Locale office system and Lino chair for Herman Miller, and Tumbler outdoor lighting for Santa & Cole.

Colin discusses the conceptualization, design, and production of their self-titled monograph, a process that began with a request from Phaidon Press in September 2014 and was completed with the book’s debuted April 2018 at the Milan Design Fair. She stresses the decisive contributions of the Graphic Thought Facility (book design), Angela Moore (photography), and the texts by Peter Kapos and several collaborators, colleagues, curators, and clients. The result is a book that functions like a film, with each page part of a narrative that leads to the next. Rather than including everything, the book focuses on fifty selected projects. Colin stresses that the project notes are in-depth, providing more about business, technology, factories coincidences and other stories behind the design.

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