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SCI-Arc Beginnings alumni event (November 29, 1995)01:19:00

SCI-Arc alumnus Terry Rainey introduces this alumni event targeted at increasing participation and raising funds for various projects including the further development of the Kappe Library. Michael Rotondi addresses the crowd via prerecorded video encouraging alumni to become engaged in SCI-Arc again. He hopes that alumni will bring their experiences back to the school through their participation.

Glen Small discusses the early days of SCI-Arc, stressing the optimism of the early 1970s. He suggests doing everything possible to develop the Kappe Library and the importance of its role in the future development of the school. Ray and Shelly Kappe recognize the efforts of many involved in organizing the event and running the school and then introduce a video featuring imagery from the history of the school.

Jerry Compton and Tony Spencer recreate the slide and music multimedia presentation they created to promote SCI-Arc. They presented it 1972-3 at many architecture schools around the country. The presentation includes scenes of the SCI-Arc community, student work and events in the development of the school.

Compton talks about the importance of Ray and Shelly Kappe in starting SCI-Arc, while Tony Spencer begins to talk about the pyramid he and other SCI-Arc students built in Washington, D.C. in 1976, as part of the AIA Convention. Jerry remembers how the pyramid project got him elected as the student AIA president while Tony remembers their rhombic dodecahedron and the feeling that they could do whatever they wanted as students. Terry Rainey also speaks about being a student in the early years of the school.

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