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Ray Kappe (September 10, 1997)01:54:20

Michael Rotondi, who succeeded Ray Kappe as Director of SCI-Arc, introduces the new Director, Neil Denari. Denari, in turn, introduces Kappe stressing his work’s significance in terms of still-vital modernist ideas.

Ray Kappe describes himself as an empirical learner and architect. He discusses some of his projects, and also talks about taking time away from designing houses so that he may study them. For Kappe, architecture should strive to make people constantly aware of what they are perceiving. He stresses that his designs are not arbitrary, but rather the product of calculation.

Kappe discusses studies that he did for the AIA regarding development in Los Angeles and the unnecessary destruction of green space. He also talks about urban planning, and his idea for creating an inflatable dam on the Los Angeles River.

Ray Kappe concludes his lecture by explaining his architectural principles. He describes that a house should be sympathetic with nature, providing minimum separation from the elements, and emphasize space perception. He finishes with a ten-minute silent slide show of his projects, followed by a few more words about SCI-Arc.

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