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Sarah Oppenheimer : FE_20230215 : Circulatory pathways (February 15, 2023)41:21

After David Ruy’s introduction, Sarah Oppenheimer describes in detail the spatial conventions of the public lecture presentation environment. She asks, “What must be emphasized or obscured, pronounced or removed to amplify our sense of learning, of linkage, of interconnection?” With this question in mind, she describes several projects, including:
•“SM-4N”, Wellin Museum of Art (2021)
•“S-337473”, Wexner Center (2017)
•“610-335”, Mattress Factory (2008)
•“N-01”, Kunstmuseum Thun (2020)
•“Sensitive machine” workshops, Yale (starting Fall 2018)
•“S-281913”, Perez Art Museum (2016)
•“N-02”, Von Bartha (2022)

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