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A One Night Stand for Art & Architecture01:54

A One-Night Stand for Art & Architecture (One-Night Stand LA) - an event and publication project by a group of emerging architects and artists from Los Angeles exploring different forms of media, but also new possibilities for architectural strategies of subversion.

Film Credits:

Directed by: Ryan Tyler Martinez and Anthony Morey
Videographers: Danny Arrondo & Gina Carson
Original Music by Katelyn Sweeney Ching
Music Mixed by Steve Dandrea
Music Mastered by Mark Robinson
Photography: Kristen Chon

Event Credits

Co-founders & Curators:
Anthony Morey, Ryan Tyler Martinez, William Hu

2016 Guest Curators:
Duygun Inal, Deborah Garcia, Jonathan Crimson

2016 Participants:
Alfie Koetter & Emmett Zeifman , Andrew Kovacs, Casey Rehm & Familiar Primitives, Christine Bjerke, Curime Batliner & Julieta Gil, Devin Gharakhanian, Eastbridge Studio, Hans Koesters, Happy Hour Agency, House of Style, James Leng, Jennifer Bonner & Volkan Alkanoglu, JuneJuly, Kyle Miller, Laida Aguirre, Mark Ericson, Mary Franck &, Jason Araujo, Rachael McCall, Reimaging, Sophie Lauriault, Weather Projects