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Philip Beesley: Diffusive architecture (September 21, 2011)01:18:08

Marcelyn Gow introduces Philip Beesley, characterizing his work as a reconsideration of the relationship between technology, energy and biological processes in architecture.

Beesley’s presents a series of projects relating to diffusive forms that offer the maximum possible reticulation with the atmosphere. He discusses the densely layered Palatine in Rome, geotextiles, engineered skin cells, and protocells.

Beesley presents several geotextile projects including Haystack Veil, Erratics Net, Orpheus Filter,
Endothelium, and Hylozoic Ground, created for the Venice Biennale 2010 Canadian Pavilion. He characterizes his work as a response to humanism, based on a sense of intimacy and touch, and individual experiences that evolve into collective experiences.

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