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Ron Herron: His work and his work with (November 16, 1977)01:46:01

Ray Kappe introduces Ron Herron.

Herron discusses his work, most of it unbuilt. He reflects on the contradiction between the practicing and un-practicing of architecture, the city as a collision of parts and the enjoyment of incompleteness in his work. He characterizes Archigram as a provocation within the architectural community. He discusses his project “Instant City.”

Herron describes his competition proposal for “a house for a superstar,” which he interpreted as a house for the Queen of England. Herron proposed a 3/4-mile wide and half-mile long palace for the Queen in which a series of layers are organized to reflect the private, ceremonial and official functions that constitute the life of the monarch.

Herron discusses a series of drawings for an exhibition in London as projects where he explores fundamental issues of the practice of architecture. He reflects on issues of insertion into buildings, cities and landscapes, scaffolding and layering.

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