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Duel + Duet: David Eskenazi & Alexey Marfin (July 22, 2022)01:02:29

After Marcelyn Gow’s introduction, David Eskenazi discusses projects from the last few years, including, ADU in Atwater Village, a series of scroll projects at different scales, a house in the Yucatan, an installation at Woodbury, a series of downloadable “Devices” including measuring sticks, familiar objects to provide scale, a proposal to build temporary bath house on unused lots in Los Angeles.

At 39:38, Alexy Marfin discusses in depth “Kowloon Forest”, a VR film” about five strangers finding moments of intimacy in a city of density”. After showing the trailer, he discusses the unique visual language of VR cinema, specifically a new effects of proximity, and the changed role of the actor, sets, and props. Marfin describes some of the challenges of 360-degree filmmaking, concluding with a “making of” video.

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