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Pierre Koenig (April 30, 1990)01:22:31

After Shelly Kappe introduces Pierre Koenig, he discusses his beginning in architecture, education at USC, working for Raphael Soriano, his interest in post and beam construction with steel. He notes that there was very little knowledge of international modernism in L.A. in the early 1950s, which made the first steel houses of Gordon Drake so influential.

Koenig describes several of his projects, including:
•Koenig house #1, Glendale (1950)
•Lamel house, Glendale (1953)
•Squire house, La Cañada (1953)
•Burwash house, Tujunga (1957)
•Case Study House #21 / Bailey house, Hollywood (1959)
•Case Study House #22 / Stahl house, Hollywood (1960)
•Seidel house, Brentwood (1960), plus Rollé addition (1984)
•Oberman house, Palos Verdes (1962)
•Beagles house, Pacific Palisades (1963)
•Bethlehem Steel exhibit pavilion (1962)
•Franklyn Dinner Club, Thousand Oaks (1981)
•Burton Pole House, Malibu (1979)
•Iwata house, Monterey Park (1963)
•EEI factory, showroom & office, El Segundo (1966)
•Gantert house, Hollywood Hills (1983)

Both Image and audio drop out at 1:03:15 through the end.

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