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Straub & Hensman (May 7, 1990) Part 2 of 2 / Shelly Kappe on Edward Killingsworth (May 14, 1990)01:03:07

This video documents an event that did not take place at SCI-Arc (possibly UCLA)

Concluding the talk featured in Part 1 (, Calvin C. Straub and Don C. Hensman respond to audience questions about luxury houses, challenging sites, carports versus garages, and the necessity for a rapport with the client.

At 14:07, Shelly Kappe lectures on Ed Killingsworth, focusing on his Case Study Houses #23A (1960) in La Jolla; #25 (1962) in Naples, CA; and #26 (1963) in San Diego. She concludes with the Opdahl House (1957) in Long Beach.

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