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Sheila Kennedy (November 3, 2003)01:16:40

Chris Genik introduces Sheila Kennedy, who practices with Juan Frano Violich as Kennedy & Violich Architecture in Boston.

Kennedy characterizes their recent work as research into bioluminescence for clues on how to integrate technology into the body of architecture. She discusses how electrical technology has been represented in the popular imagination as a new media, the efficiency of bioluminescence, and a project to develop a smart window using Dupont SentryGlas Plus. Kennedy discusses several school projects including the Shady Hill School library, Cambridge; Madden Dance Theater and Gym, RISD Graduate Center for Integrative Technologies, and the Art Institute of Chicago’s School of Art and Design. Kennedy discusses several projects including a private contemporary art gallery and residence, an electroluminescent desk, and the Give Back phosphorescent curtain. She discusses several intelligent infrastructure ideas incorporated into the East River Ferry Landings project.

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