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Peter Cook: Gallery talk (1982)52:20

Peter Cook walks through the SCI-Arc gallery, discussing the drawings by Ron Herron and himself on exhibit.

Cook argues that Ron Herron’s work is more consistent than his in pitch and drawing style. He points out how diagrams are extremely important for Herron. He focuses on Herron’s sketches, especially the drawings of the “The Walking City” and “The Plug-In City.”

Cook discusses his own drawings. He points out his favorites, and describes “The Tower Metamorphosis.” He explains in detail the “Arcadia” project, a proposal for a city, describing the site plan, the town hall, the offices, housing and the market square. Cook characterizes his work as contrasting artificiality and nature. The video’s color becomes distorted near the end.

The video’s color becomes distorted near the end.

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