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Lebbeus Woods: the Vico Morcote interview (1998)45:25

Lebbeus Woods describes his earliest influences, and reflects how, in retrospect, his nomadic childhood, engineering, and Heinz Von Foester are reflected in his work. He describes his astonishment at the first Archigram publications, noting that through Von Foester he had met Gordon Pask, who worked with Cedric Price. He characterizes his work as an exploration of ideas it is not possible to pursue in conventional practice, stressing architecture's ethical dimension. Woods calls his drawings guides, presenting "What if ..." scenarios, rather than plans to be executed, and--as in the Havana Project--exploring ways of building by accumulation of small gestures. The video was produced by Rob Gardner and Tony Hatto, with Charles Hellwig and Katsumi Moror, as part of a class taught by Luciano Riggolini. Dwayne Oyler provided the research which made this presentation possible.

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