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Marcelyn Gow & Eric Owen Moss: Aqueotrope (February 1, 2013)56:42

Marcelyn Gow and Eric Owen Moss begin by discussing a text from The Gray Book by Aris Fioretos that Gow quoted in the exhibition announcement. Moss asks if architecture is up to the task of "marking the monument of a momentary ripple," and Gow responds by describing the processes behind the exhibit as a gray zone between digital and analog techniques. Moss wonders if this kind of "operational" account is really the most relevant way to describe such a compelling dreamscape. Gow characterizes the exhibit as an expansion of a green roof design, modified for an enclosed gallery interior. noting that the drawing reproduced on the wall generated the concrete forms, lights, and their arrangement but the "cable sargassum canopy" was improvised on-site by the student installation crew. Gow urges everyone to view the video documentation of the exhibition.

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