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Natasha Case (November 13, 2019)41:29

After David Ruy’s introduction, Natasha Case, co-founder (with Freya Estreller) of the premium ice cream brand Coolhaus, discusses how her background in architecture informed her career in “food space”. She describes in detail the story of the origin and evolution of Coolhaus in terms of issues that are essential for both architecture and entrepreneurship:
• The ever-ending exploration of one’s curiosities & brand
• Brands are storytelling
• Stories become values
• Being artists & visionaries with rules
• Being client-based
• Being a Jack of all trades
• Craft

Case discusses issues that are paramount for consumer goods but are radically un-like architecture:
• The need to stop designing
• Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
• Exit strategies (innovation, ownership, strategic acquisition, strategic partnerships, …)

She concludes by noting several other food business created by architects: Barnana organic snacks, Foodshop supper club, Cognoscenti Coffee, and the Slanted Door restaurant.

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