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Full Spectrum: Color in Contemporary Architecture symposium (March 22, 2024)02:25:47

Elena Manferdini and Jasmine Benyamin discuss their book “Full Spectrum” as an investigation of thinking and making through colors in contemporary architecture, stressing the digital turn in architecture and design.

At 8:25, Manferdini discusses contributions to the book by authors who are not present, and introduces the participants for the first panel. They each make presentations:
•14:09. Courtney Coffman presents “Collective palettes”, focusing on contemporary uses of pink.
•24:47, Javier Gonzalez Rivero, participating virtually from Shanghai, discusses his article “Colouring the public realm”.
•28:49, Marcelyn Gow discusses her contribution, “Prismatic: a reflection on prismatic qualities and pedagogical modalities of color in architecture”.
•37:35, Florencia Pita discusses aligning color representation with digital representation through the analogy of plants and plans.
•44:34, Damjan Jovanovic analyzes his 2022 installation “Discovery” in terms of “emissive color”.

At 52:05, Manferdini moderates a conversation with the panelists, starting with the question, “What is the next stage of color?”

At 1:23:39, Moderator Jasmine Benyamin introduces the second panel, focusing on color as a political proposition. They each make presentations:
•1:30:20, Carolyn L. Kane discusses the use of white to flatten socio-political challenges, and the flattening of cultural color in design.
•1:36:44, Zeina Koreitem discusses digital color and the work with John May on optical space.
•1:43:39, Paulette Singley presents a timeline of different meanings of green from nature to radically artificial green tree buildings.
•1:51:55, Mimi Zeiger discusses color as tools of un-doing and un-building, referencing works by Matisse, Barbara Hutton, Amanda Williams, and Adam Wiseman.

At 2:03:32, Jasmine Benyamin begins a conversation among the panelists by asking about flatness.

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