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Markus Miessen : Agonistic assemblies - On the spatial politics of horizontality (February 7, 2024)54:48

After Marcelyn Gow’s introduction Markus Miessen discusses his spatial design work, writing, research which he characterizes as focusing on issues of participation, questions of assembly, and how to integrate the two spatially.
He reviews the contents of his forthcoming book “Agnostic assemblies: on the spatial politics of horizontality”.
He discusses his research into diwaniya meeting spaces in Kuwait.
Diwaniya – decentralized urban typology, in Kuwait since nomadic culture, one tent
He discusses several projects, including …
•Backbench, Manifesta European Biennial of Contemporary Art (2010)
•Archive Kabinett, Berlin (2011)
•Performa Hub, New York City (2013)
•Gwangju Biennale hub (2011)
•19 Hours at the Kiosk, HKW, Berlin (2012)
•Revamping tWitte de With II, Rotterdam (2014)
•Brutally early club (2006)

Note: Miessen’s post-lecture conversation with Ari Diamond-Topelson and Masha Hupalo mentioned in the introduction is not included in this video.

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