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Craig Hodgetts & Hsinming Fung (October 13, 1993)39:04

Robert Mangurian introduces Craig Hodgetts and Hsinming Fung, identifying them as models for the range of issues they tackle.

Hodgetts and Fung discuss the difficulties of creating architectural dialogues when working within different cultures and value systems, while discussing design as a collaborative process. Hodgetts discusses the relationship between automotive design and architecture and the importance of the utilization of ergonomic relationships of human scale. Projects were driven by compression of information and space, taking advantage of the manipulation of conventional scale in order to provide a different reading.

Hodgetts and Fung discuss their CRA project, which was a mixed use program articulated within one space. Hodgetts described their governing motif by stating that all pieces within the architectural framework were related in a densely packed manner, similar to that of a watch. Next, they discuss their project of a headquarters for a talent and modeling agency. They utilized the concept of automotive design or ship building in the sense that interstitial, residual space between the volumes possessed its own identity. Simultaneously, they sought to incorporate an ephemeral quality through the borrowing of the palette of materials from the surrounding city.

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