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Konrad Wachsmann (December 7, 1977) Part 1 of 201:08:01

Shelly Kappe introduces Konrad Wachsmann, noting his education in Berlin and Dresden, and his partnership with Walter Gropius manufacturing prefabricated industrial parts.

Wachsmann quotes the copyright clause from the United States constitution promoting the "... Progress of Science and useful Arts." Rather than sticking to the assigned topic of “experimental ideas in architecture,” Wachsmann discusses science in America and its displacement by business and banks.

Accompanied by images, Wachsmann discusses architecture and human scale, Charles and Ray Eames, materials, and prefabrication.

Wachsmann argues that nature is technology, and that it is important to establish a point of view. He presents Powers of Ten (Charles and Ray Eames, 1977).

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