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Lars Müller: Avant-garde is analog (January 31, 2014)01:13:37

Lars Müller argues for the primacy of the analog over the digital, stressing analog experience as the ground of reality, individuality and creativity. The experience of reading a printed book is an especially important analog experience, prompting the cognitive effort that embeds knowledge in a nexus of associations. Müller discusses different strategies of presenting drawings by Louis I. Kahn, Sou Fujimoto, Wang Shu, and Steven Holl in book form. He outlines his publication process, stressing the widening circle of participants over each book’s long gestation period, and describes collaborative projects with other designers, including Stephen Phillips’s just-released L.A. [Ten]. Müller concludes by discussing several of his “visual readers” series, which attempt to communicate information on important social and political issues visually.

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