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April Greiman (April 3, 1996)01:43:27

Michael Rotondi, Michael Dobry and Tim Durfee introduce April Greiman.

Greiman presents her work in a series of categories: symbolism, color and energy, the four elements, light, transparency, language and unfolding of technology into design process. She goes on to present the graphic design produced for SCI-Arc and graphic work for exhibitions.

Greiman presents her graphic design and interior design work done in collaboration with Roto Architects. Greiman discusses the importance of color symbolism and energy. She was concerned with creating different emotions through the colors picked for each project.

Greiman discusses the graphic design for a 1995 U.S. Post Office stamp and explains the symbolism of colors and shapes behind this project. Greiman goes on to present other graphic design projects for exhibitions, posters and catalogues and the Infinite Illusions CD-Rom project.

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